Configure default settings for new users

This feature is only available to organization owners and administrators.

Organization administrators can configure the default values of personal preference settings for new users joining the organization. This can help seamlessly customize the Zulip experience to match how the organization in question is using Zulip.

Existing users' preferences cannot be modified by administrators, and users will be able to customize their own settings once they join. Administrators can customize defaults for all personal preference settings, including the following:

Configure default settings for new users

  1. Go to Default user settings.

  2. Review all settings and adjust as needed.

Configure default language for new users

Your organization's language will be the default language for new users when Zulip cannot detect their language preferences from their browser, including all users created via the Zulip API.

  1. Go to Organization settings.

  2. Under Automated messages and emails, change the Language for automated messages and invitation emails.

  3. Click Save changes.